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Do you have an iPod? Now, if you have an iPod Classic, iPod Touch or maybe the new iPod nano, you can view the movies you used to watch on your PC.

Maybe you have realized that your tiny friend does not support the video format you have in your PC, but here it is the solution: iPod converter.

iPod Converter is a powerful and fast converter which will transform your video files into iPod compatible files, so you will be able to watch all your videos in the tiny screen of your iPod.

It is really easy to use, you only have to choose the file you want to convert and the size you want it to be converted, then press convert and everything is done by your part, then it is time for iPod converter to do its job. And in just a few minutes (depending on the video length and the computer speed) you’ll have your video ready to be watched.

Use iPod Converter to easily convert video format (mpg, avi, mov, rm) to iPod video formats, MPEG4, H.264, MOV.

This trial version allows to convert 1/3 of the full video and no more than 2 minutes

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